Ab Workout from Sadie’s Six-Week Core Program

Ab Workout from Sadie’s Six-Week Core Program

Workout: Derived from Sadie’s Six-Week Core Workout Program https://gogymmy.com/products/six-week-core-program 

4 sets: 

1A. Kettlebell Pull-Through x 20 reps 

1B. Kettlebell Sit-Ups x 15 reps 

1C. Knee to Chest Toe Touch x 15 reps 

1D. Incline Mountain Climbers x 20 reps 

Rest 2:00


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Warm-Up Suggestions: 

  • Treadmill (low speed) 
  • Stationary Bike (low speed) 

Cool Down Suggestions: 

  • Treadmill (low speed) 
  • Stretch/Yoga 


Designed by: Sadie Meyer, MS, RDN, CPT 

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