Week 3 Day 1: Hamstring-Focused Strength Training Block with Sadie Meyer (she/her)

Week 3 Day 1: Hamstring-Focused Strength Training Block with Sadie Meyer (she/her)

Week 3 Day 1

Warm-Up Suggestions
  • Treadmill (low speed) 
  • Stair Climber (low speed) 
  • Lateral Band Walk 
  • Banded Good Morning 
  • Superman Lunge  
  • Bodyweight Glute Bridge 
  • Leg Throws
  • Cossack Squat

A1. Barbell Back Squat: 2 warm-up sets of 8-10 reps @ 50-60% 1RM; 5 working sets of 4 reps @ 70-85% 1RM #smfbarbellbacksquat #gymmybarballbacksquat
Every 2:30 (set your timer)

  • Set 1: 70% 1RM x 4 reps 
  • Set 2: 75% 1RM x 3 reps 
  • Sets 3-4: 80% 1RM x 3 reps 
  • Set 5: 85% 1RM x 2 reps 

B1. Barbell RDL: 3 sets of 6-8 reps #smfbarbellrdl #gymmybarbellrdl
Notes: It's important to use a weight you can control. Use your hamstrings to glide the weight down your legs, and use your hamstrings to bring them back to start. Focus on keeping your back stiff with your lats squeezed to hold the weight. 
B2. Leg Curl Machine: 3 sets of 12-15 reps #smflegcurlmachine #gymmylegcurlmachine
Notes: Heavy weight. 

C1. Front Rack Lunge (Forward or Reverse): 3 sets of 8 reps per leg #smffrontracklunge #gymmyfrontracklunge
Notes: A reverse lunge is more stable, making it less challenging. A forward lunge requires greater stability, which makes it more challenging. 
C2. Sumo Landmine RDL: 3 sets of 15-20 reps #smfsumolandminerdl #gymmysumolandminerdl
Notes: If you don’t have access to a landmine accessory, grab a dumbbell. Position your feet in a sumo position and perform an RDL. 

D1. Front Rack Kettlebell Squat: 3 sets of 6-10 reps #smffronttrackkbsquat #gymmyfrontrackkbsquat 
Notes: Pick a challenging, yet doable weight. Your goal is 6-10 reps. Hold two kettlebells in a front rack position. 
D2. Leg Curl Machine (yes, again): 3 sets of 25-30 reps #smflegcurlmachine #gymmylegcurlmachine
Notes: Light/moderate weight. Start with a moderate weight for as many reps as possible, then drop weight and perform until you reach 25-30 reps.

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Cardio: Pick your cardio of choice, but make it last at least 20 minutes today. 

Core: No programmed core today. 

Cool-Down Suggestions

  • Treadmill (low speed) 
  • Stretch/Yoga 

Designed By: Sadie Meyer, MS, RDN, CPT 


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