Glute/Hamstring Hypertrophy with Dane Gray (he/him)

Glute/Hamstring Hypertrophy with Dane Gray (he/him)

Glute / Hamstring Hypertrophy

2x inchworm into worlds greatest stretch (each side)
1x10 bird dogs (each side)
2x15 lateral band walks (constant tension in band)
1x15 banded goblet squat (light)

Warmup using the following method to find working weight for first exercise 
12 reps @ estimated 30 rep max (1 min rest)
8 reps @ estimated 20 rep max (1 min rest)
4 reps @ estimated 10 rep max (1 min rest)
Then, pick a weight you could complete the programmed reps within. After each set take as much time as you need to be breathing normally and feeling strong again. This is how you warm up and choose loads for the first exercise in your daily session. For all other exercises, you can just do the set of 8 and 4, or even just the set of 4 if you already feel nice and warmed up

2 x 8-12 barbell hip thrusters 
2 second pause at top 

3 x 12-20 seated leg curl 
2-3 second eccentric, curl heels to butt (FULL Range of motion)

2 x 15-20 each leg walking lunges 
Hold db by side, slight pause when knee above floor
Paired with:
Immediately after each set of lunges 
2x15-20 heel elevated body weight squats 

2 x 10-15 single leg cable donkey kicks
Set cable to lowest setting, lean into cable tower, drive / kick to wall behind you 

3 x 10-15 paused seated hip abduction 
2 second pause at outside
2 second eccentric 

Designed By: Dane Gray, MS, ACSM CEP

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