Back, Biceps, and Rear Delts with Dane Gray (he/him)

Back, Biceps, and Rear Delts with Dane Gray (he/him)


2x 10 band scap retractions 

2x15  straight arm band pullovers 

3x12 deficit barbell pendlay rows 

Reset barbell on floor every rep, BENT OVER a lot

Standing on 25lb plate 

30 total pull-ups 

(Assisted if no bodyweight)

Fewest sets possible

2x15-20 chest supported row (machine or plate loaded)

2-3 second eccentric, round upper back for a big stretch, arch back and squeeze lats when pulling

3x10-15 incline seated dumbbell curl

Full straighten arms at bottom, 2 second eccentric, keep head on bench

3x15-20 standing cable ez bar curl

Bring bar to forehead, shoulder flexion while thinking about squeezing elbows together

3x 10-12 seated machine rear Delt fly

2-3 second eccentric, squeeze shoulder blades together

2x15-20 low cable rope face pulls 

Slight pause at face

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